Steps to Properly Cleaning Your Frozen Yogurt Machine

Your ice cream machine is an expensive piece of equipment, so you would be well advised to take good care of it. Part of this maintenance includes properly cleaning it out after every shift. This involves removing the food product, taking the machine apart, and cleaning and sanitizing all pertinent components.

Clean Your Ice Cream Properly to keep it Operating Optimally for the Long Haul

Here are the steps to properly cleaning your ice cream machine:

Turn off the pre-cooling. Make sure the pre-cooling is turned off before you start any cleaning. Once you’ve done this, take the air tubes and drip tray out and place them on a paper towel.

Dispense any remaining ice cream. This is a very important step in the cleaning and sanitizing process. This will ensure that the machine doesn’t build up bacteria which will render future ice cream unsafe. Your local health department will have specific requirements in this department.

Clear out the hopper. Stop the wash cycle and start the actual cleaning process. Start by rinsing the machine by using about 4 gallons of hot water – 2 gallons per hopper. Hit the wash cycle, and then break up anything on the walls of the hoppers using a large brush. You might have to repeat the rinse cycle a couple of times to make sure everything is removed.

Sanitize the machine inside and out. After you’ve cleaned the hoppers with hot water and dispensed the water, start sanitizing the machine. Use 2 gallons of hot water per one packet of sanitizer, and mix thoroughly. Place the sanitizer inside the hopper and make sure you distribute the sanitizer evenly on each side for one gallon, then hit the wash cycle. This process should be repeated 3 times to effectively flush the system and ensure the machine is totally sanitized.

Take the machine apart and clean the parts. After the sanitizer has been drained from the machine, start taking the machine apart. Begin with the valve body, and then remove the handles and valve poles. Once the bolts have been removed, take the valve body and put it in the sink. Remove the blenders, and take the air tubes and agitators out and place them in the sink to be washed. Begin cleaning the parts once the machine has been disassembled. You can do this by using hot soapy water and sanitizer.

Thoroughly cleaning your ice cream machine will ensure that is kept in good working order, and ensures that any future ice cream made will not be contaminated.