Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne and Edouard Manet Things in Common: Melancholy

Van Gogh may have a pretty life that many see as tragic, but even the people that live most far from art path knows that his paintings are masterpiece. What people see as a health mental disorder of him is perhaps the part of his melancholy sides that eventually was what made him able to leave such legacy in wide world of art. Emotions are shown clearly in Gogh paintings; even there are some of his artworks that look like picturing nuance of joy, the atmosphere of loneliness are pretty clear and it shown through many of his paintings; one that is pretty obvious is in his The Night Café. It is a café with bright light and something looks like a billiard table, but with so little to no visitors; it is clear that the surrounding is within loneliness.

Gogh is not the only melancholy painting artist that leaves legacy. Paul Cezanne is the other masterpiece maker that brings anyone seeing his paintings to a twisted level of emotions tends to melancholy. Even he named one of his paintings The Picnic, people that knows what this painting is seems not so sure whether the picnic in that canvas is really a happy picnic. The other interesting is one of his that he named The House of Hanged Man. Only Cezanne himself knows what was the true reasons behind why he named two of his art such it is, but most of people seeing it must feel the kind of surprised sensation inside that actually pretty creepy.

Check also Edgar Degas that took The Dead Christ and The Angels as his painting’ title. There are surely a lot of more cheerful title could be given. But, seems like these three masters in paintings found melancholy as what made all the art works worth remember.